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One to One Personal Training, Group Training and Online Coaching for Fat Loss.


Fitness is a way of life

The key to reaching your fitness goals is to feel motivated and inspired enough to achieve them.

I offer a wide range of personal training services either at your home or outdoors. One to one sessions allow us to focus on just one thing - getting fit.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on nutrition and diet while training clients as it's really important to understand how food can affect your performance and the way you feel in general.

Whatever your goals a plan will be specifically tailored for your body and lifestyle, enjoying the sessions is really important.

Group sessions are also available, perfect for training with family or friends.

I'm based in Surbiton and cover the surrounding area, including Kingston, Teddington, Esher, Hampton and everywhere in between.

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I'm with you every step of the way.

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I'm the founder of bodyhappy and a personal trainer, dedicating my life to helping hundreds of men and women reach their body goals, to become fitter, more healthy and happy with their body.

I first started studying fitness in 2007 with Future Fit training, where I qualified as a Personal Trainer and also in Nutrition and Weight management. After training a few clients I soon realised that text book diet advice and exercise didn't work for everyone. To achieve results I had to look at each person as an individual so that I could find a solution unique to them. Realising that everyone's body is different, together with experience in what actually works, was key to getting long term results.

I enjoy every aspect of fitness, I understand that achieving personal goals is not always easy. The rewards are life changing but getting there can be hard and sometimes it's easier to give up.

I offer experienced coaching in the direction you want to take it.



One to One

£50 per 1 hour session

One to one training sessions allow us to focus on just one thing, your fitness.

The aim is to make the sessions fun but productive, supporting you and building your confidence. The sessions are run at a time and place that suits you.

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Train as a Pair

£80 per couple for 1 hour session

Training with family and friends is the perfect way to keep motivated plus it adds a little healthy competition.

Group sessions are great fun and can be extremely productive.

Four Week Online Fat Loss Plan



Four Week Online Fat Loss Plan


First you have to get healthy

This is a four week comprehensive meal and exercise plan focusing on fat loss. By introducing good nutrition and eating habits we will minimise cravings and feelings of hunger, speeding up your progress.

To begin with I will conduct a complete lifestyle evaluation, to include your dietary habits and make positive changes that will fit into your daily routine.

Each plan is designed and optimised for you, taking in to account your lifestyle and goals.

The plan is designed to give you more energy, help you sleep better, improve mental clarity and more importantly feel happier day to day.

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What's on offer

Every aspect of your plan is put together to ensure you have all possible resources to get the best results.

What’s included....

  • Custom meal plan designed for you
  • Custom exercise plan to fit in to your lifestyle
  • Email support
  • Weekly check-ins

Once you sign up you'll be sent a lifestyle questionaire, after completing this you will receive your plan in two to four working days. This allows me to work on your plan and also get in touch to ask you any additional questions that may be necessary

Your journey begins here - Are you ready ?

Get in touch now for online coaching



Six Week Body Transformation

I have developed a six week intensive programme, allowing you to achieve quick results that can be maintained.

Your personalised programme will be based on your training experience, capabilities and lifestyle. I'll bring all of the equipment to your door. Training in house is the perfect time efficient way to train consistently and manage a busy life.

The sessions will consist of different methods depending on your goals using free weights, core work, boxing and cardio.

As well as your fitness goals we will work together to improve your movement, posture and reduce the likelihood of injury, all of which go hand in hand.

Your diet will massively impact the results you acheive and more importantly how you feel day to day. I will advise you on the best ways to eat healthily to compliment your training plan.

My fat burning workouts, exercise and diet advice are based on scientifically proven theories, using all of the latest information and trends. I constantly update my knowledge and practices to ensure you get the best training experience going.

What you get

3 training session per week

Improved posture and movement

Lower body fat percentage

Improved cardiovascular fitness

More energy and better sleep patterns

An investment in your future health



*Results cannot be guaranteed, only achieved through hard work, and may differ with each client.

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